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Buy A Car

Buying a car at Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction is exciting, fun, and best of all, saves you money. Carriage Trade is a unique market place where individuals can pay the same wholesale prices that dealers pay. You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by being part of the action.



1. Register for membership

Signing up for a Membership costs $30 and lasts for one year. You can buy and sell as many vehicles as you like under the membership. You do not need to register if you simply wish to observe, and there is no charge for admittance. Sign-up online

2. Select a car you want to buy

Our auctions vary in size, but on average, we offer between 600 – 800 vehicles per sale. There are five different lanes, where five different vehicles are offered for sale simultaneously. Each vehicle’s windshield has a Lane and Run Number and the Year of the vehicle. For example, Lane 3, Number 25 or 3-25, indicates that this car will be the 25th vehicle offered for sale in lane 3. Vehicles run in numerical order. You can view our Auction List page prior to a sale to see what vehicles are going to be offered, or you can view the vehicles the day of the sale before the auction starts. Sale catalogs are available on the day of the auction.

3. Bid on the desired vehicle

To bid on a car, simply stand in the appropriate lane when the vehicle is being offered for sale and bid until you reach your desired price. Although you can expect to save a lot of money at the auction, you can not buy a vehicle at 50% of its true wholesale value. Provided you have realistic expectations, you are sure to realize huge savings compared to buying at regular retail prices.

4. Pay a deposit to hold your vehicle

After you cast a winning bid, make sure that the auctioneer sees your Badge Number. Then go to the counter on the left of the Auction Podium, leave a $500 deposit, and receive a copy of your bill of sale.

5. Complete the purchase

To finalize your purchase, walk into the office and finish paying for your vehicle at the appropriate counter (Retail or Dealer side). Appropriate tag fees and taxes are collected at this time.

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