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Online Live Auction



Auction Online Process
Carriage Trade Public Auto Auction (also referred to, going forward, as Carriage Trade or the Auction) is introducing online bidding to the general public. While other services to purchase vehicles exist on the internet, no other option takes place at a live auction with live auctioneers. This provides you with a revolutionary way to purchase vehicles that is both exciting and can save you a lot of money.

Step 1 – Know what you are buying
It is very important to know that placing the winning bid at an auction constitutes a contract between the buyer and the seller. Therefore, we encourage you to be fully aware of what you are doing and what you are attempting to buy. By entering into any of our online auctions, you are agreeing to Carriage Trade’s trading policies and you are agreeing to take responsibility for all of your bids.

Condition reports may or may not be available on all vehicles offered for sale. In the event a condition report is not available, arrangements can be made to view the vehicle in person. Please call or send an email to to make an appointment. In some cases, vehicles may not be available in time for either a condition report to be written or an appointment to be made. In this case, we suggest refraining from bidding. Please remember, if you are the winning bidder on a vehicle, it is considered a binding contract between you, the buyer, and the seller, the moment the auctioneer says “Sold.”

Vehicles offered on the Simulcast auction can be sold in one of two conditions. The first condition is “As-Is,” which indicates that the vehicle is sold with any and all problems that the vehicle may have. This includes engine, transmission, and drivetrain problems. The second condition that a vehicle may be sold under is known as the “Green Light” policy, which is a 24 hour guarantee on the following items: Motor, Rear, Transmission, and AC on three year old or newer vehicles, including current year. This 24 hour guarantee is for the general public to take the vehicle to a mechanic, at the buyer’s expense, to check the vehicle for any problems with the covered items. Dealers must arbitrate vehicles before they leave the lot. (For a complete description of our auction policies click the following link, trading policies.) The 24 hour guarantee does not cover scratches, dents, or other cosmetic items noted or not noted in the condition report. In the event that there is a discrepancy with the vehicle and the condition report, Carriage Trade will make every attempt to rectify the situation prior to the final payment being made.

Step 2 – Bidding on a Vehicle
It is strongly encouraged that you listen to and familiarize yourself with the auctioneer’s chant and the auction process before actually bidding. Auctions move very quickly and can be confusing to newcomers; however, they are an exciting experience and can be very rewarding!

One important area of confusion to be aware of is that the vehicle which is being sold is not always the vehicle directly in front of the auctioneer when the auctioneer drops the hammer or gavel and says “Sold.” Bidding on a vehicle begins with the vehicle in front of the auctioneer and continues even after the vehicle is driven from the auction block. The bidding on the current vehicle only ends when the auctioneer declares “sold” or “no sale,” regardless of the position of the current vehicle at the time the gavel drops.

While bidding online, a button will be displayed for the amount of the bid which the auctioneer is trying to get. The amount shown on the button will correspond with the audio of the auctioneer. When you click on this button, you are telling the auctioneer that you want to pay that amount. If no one else bids a higher amount and the seller has reached his reserve, you become the buyer of that vehicle. The auctioneer will then call out your bidder number and the paper work for your sale will be generated. It is at this time that your credit card will be charged $500 for the down payment of the vehicle, plus $30 for the annual membership fee. If you currently have an active annual membership, the $30 will be added to your deposit.

Step 3 – Finalizing Payment
Arrangements should be made immediately to complete your purchase. Carriage Trade has an obligation to its sellers to make timely payments; therefore, it is important to finalize the purchase within 48 hours. It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact Carriage Trade in the event that a payment can not be made within the time frame. In the event that no contact has been made by the buyer, Carriage Trade reserves the right to void the sale and retain the nonrefundable deposit. Thank you for your compliance with this matter.

Good luck bidding!


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