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    AUCTIONS EVERY MON AT 5:00 P.M.  | DIRECTIONS | 1.800.441.6717

Some Helpful Buying Tips

1. Get to auction in enough time to view the vehicles before the auction starts.

It takes our auctioneers less than one minute to sell a vehicle. If you are trying to evaluate a vehicle while it is on the auction block, you are probably too late. Get here early and look at the vehicles beforehand. Public Auctions start at 4:30 PM.


2. Bring a mechanic or someone who is familiar with potential mechanical problems.


3. Try to focus on vehicles being sold under the “Green Light”.

The “Green Light” gives the buyer until 5:00pm the day following the sale to arbitrate a vehicle for any issues with the motor or drive train. Please refer to our auction policies for a full description of covered defects.


4. Know what you are buying.

Our sale catalogs do not always reflect the actual equipment in the vehicle, and because vehicle descriptions are supplied to Carriage Trade by the sellers, we are not responsible for misprints or inaccuracies.


5. Know the vehicle on which you are bidding.

The vehicle that is being offered for sale leaves the auction area and the bidding continues. When the bidding is complete and the auctioneer says “sold”, there is a different vehicle on the auction block. Pay attention to which vehicle the auctioneer is selling.

View our auction policies

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